On Fire to Inspire

Featured Image -- 121Some of you may have noticed that almost a year ago my business suddenly hit pause when we had some personal family emergencies come up, but slowly I’ve been building it back up to a steady pace. Today was super motivating, however, because I got to mingle with some great people at the Support the Blue 5k and 10k for police officers in Fresno, CA. Police officers and their families are some of my absolute favorite clientele because they are dedicated to their calling (not just a job) and most of the time, its completely thankless. Just imagine for a minute kissing your partner goodbye every morning, not knowing if they’ll live through the day especially when the odds may very well be against them. Or how about working graveyard shifts for months and feeling like you never get to see your spouse or kids? Need a coach for your kid’s soccer team? Probably won’t be you…because your job requires you to be at the edge of your seat, ready for anything, and fearful of nothing. THIS is what I want to help with. A good, healthy, and supported person- does good, healthy, and supportive work. Together we can find ways to live out our callings, but still prioritize family, friends, and our sense of self without the weight of the world on our shoulders. ┬áToday I was re-inspired to follow my calling, and go after those I believe I can help- no matter what hurdles might come my way.